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Dear Friends of Immanuel Wildnerness Lodge,


Already since 2007, Sabine and I managing our Immanuel Wilderness Lodge with love, passion and with great pleasure. A small paradise just outside Windhoek, Namibia.


In 2007, after many tours and holidays in Namibia, we have decided to emigrate to Namibia. We always had that dream to host guests, work with lovely people, cook good food and complement it with good wine. In 2007 our dream has become true, even we are both not from the hospitality or tourism industry.


Sabine is a certified Nurse and I have been publisher and Managing Director of a chain of Travel Agents. So we both have been working with people all our life and we enjoyed this at all times. When I was six years old, I became a passionate Chef. Cooking and working with food is my absolute therapie and passion.


Every day I very much enjoy to enter into my “hobby room”, the Immanuel Wilderness Lodge kitchen in order to spoil our guests with another amazing four course dinner.

Stephan, Sabine, Michelle, Sarah

Just outside Windhoek (it only takes you some 20 minutes) but already in the middle of the savannah bush, Immanuel Wilderness Lodge is the ideal accommodation to start or to finalize your Namibian itinerary, whether you travel alone, as a couple or with the entire family and kids. You are always welcome.


We thank our many loyal guests who visit us frequently on their Namibian tours and all our guests who took the time and effort to award us with reviews. Be it with the Hospitality Association of Namibia, which led us to receive many Gold and Silver Awards oder on Tripadvisor, which made us the #1 accommodation in Windhoek. We also need to mention the Award we have received as the best Restaurant in Namibia.


We are very happy to see every day how our guests enjoy their stay with us which is a great reward for all the effort and passion, we as a family, have put into this venture. In the meantime we made made friends with many locals and thus the stay with us for our international customers has become even more interesting as they can easily and in a relaxed atmosphere mingle with locals of all kinds to get some real Namibian insights and details, one would normally not be able to obtain.


We are very pleased to see that you as our guests are happy and enjoying your stay with us. We are very happy to host you as our first time guest or as one of our returning guests.


With warm wishes from our Home, Namibia.

Stephan Hock and Family

Stephan Hock - Immanuel Wilderness Lodge
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